Friday, 22 February 2013

One More Step On The Way

That sounds as though it ought to be a song, or something.  I've signed the contract and am one more baby step along the way to being a published writer. Dreamspinner are very efficient and good - the one-off fee for Contact Sport is now in my Paypal account. I'm impressed!  I can probably buy a couple of coffees in Houston in May, now, and still have enough left over for a muffin.
On other things, I'm up to Ch 7 in revising Shield. The whole of the first story should be ready soon, and then I must think about publishing or self publishing. It's the first of five books, and I'm not sure I want to get locked into a contract for that. I may well be better on my own. Sarah Madison quite rightly has suggested self-publishing something smaller first to test the water.  That is such a brilliant idea, and I have just the thing...

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