Monday, 1 April 2013


Today has been a day of boring but necessary admin work.  I have created accounts with Amazon, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, All Romance and Kobo. I would have added Barnes and Noble too, but they'll only take US citizens, apparently. Tsk.

 I have diligently filled out form W-8BEN regarding article 12 of some tax treaty between the UK and the US. One's been sent electronically, one other company just asked me to fill out an online statement and three are being sent by snail mail. So when I do get a pittance via sales - and believe me, I do expect it to be a pittance - the US tax authorities will not claim their 30% levy on it. Even if they did, 30% of very little remains not a lot. The US will not be able to squeeze much blood from this stone.

 I am in the middle of registering with the UK tax people as self employed, but with the rider that I expect to be exempt from the requirement to pay national insurance, since I don't expect to make enough to reach to threshold for that - see former remarks about a pittance. I need to wait for D to get back from walking the dog. He's a tax consultant, and why not make use of the expert in the house?

 And in the middle of this, I'm trying to find the time for one last read through of FlashWired. I haven't looked at it for several days, so I hope that's been enough time to give me a fresher perspective on it. I'll reread it all tonight. Tomorrow, D.V., I'll press that button.

 I'm a little bit scared. And a little bit delighted. And altogether excited!

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