Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Dog Who Swallows Millions

AnubisGood title, huh?
Go to my website to find out more news on the progress to Gilded Scarab  and why I am already plotting a sequel. I
Sigh. You know, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen to me if only I did concise.

On another note, the first batch of my new pens has arrived from the US and they are gorgeous. Honestly, I’d never buy promotional pens here in the UK. The US company has a huge range of very affordable stock, heaps better than anything you can buy here. The only problem is that the US company doesn’t do overseas trade, so I have to get a lovely friend there to buy them and ship them. So a huge thank you goes to artist and sculptor Shelley Hunter for being a true friend. Go and check out her website and admire her work.

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