Saturday, 2 March 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Work's going on apace with Shield.  I'm about two thirds through the first edit, getting it into a state ready to go to an external editor. It's working well, and I'm cautiously pleased with it.  The two main characters are a great deal of fun, but I'm wondering if I'm lacking real tension here, since there's no real threat to them other than the inchoate menace of the Maess. Well, we shall have to see.

On other projects, I'm going to try for at least one more of Dreamspinner's anthologies, as I have something that might (with a lot of revision!) work for their next one.  And they have a call out for a steampunk story too.  I have about 3000 words of a steampunk story that I abandoned.  I should look at that.

And finally, I've worked out the premis for Deus Ex Machina, which would be a novella of about 18,000 -20,000 words.  I may try self publishing that one, to test the waters. The issue with it is that at the moment, I don't see an actual sex scene in it.  It's more about love that, while not unrequited, has never been consummated.  I'll have to think about whether that will run.

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