Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Contact Sport Edited

Had the text back from the Dreamspinner editorial team. All very minor and really rather amusing - where I'd gone through and assiduously removed commas (I always think I over use them) they've gone and put them back. Plus a couple of places where British English differs from American, one of which I'm kicking myself about because I know where we would say 'leapt' or 'leant' or 'spelt' or 'dreamt', the US has regularised those verbs. I should have picked up that one for myself. As an aside, the verbs that the US has apparently made (kept?) as irregular and we have as regular, are the ones I'd have to force myself to use. I'm sorry, US-ians, but to say that 'Joe dove into the water'or 'Joe drug the heavy box across the room' puts my teeth on edge. And let's not get into the usage of 'shined'. I'm puzzled by a couple of places where they've added a formatting change to highlight the text, but I'll ask them about that when I send it back.

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