Saturday, 30 March 2013

Whheeee! Writers Workshop

It's up!!

The writing workshop that Sarah Madison, Jennifer Roberson and I are doing at Galacticon is up on the website!!

Delegates will *know* about it now.  They'll have the option of signing up for some yet to be specified time (grins) of minimal pontificating from us and lots and lots of fun filled activity where we flatly refuse to do all the work and will be galvanising the participants with cattle prods into learning something about how wonderful it is to write, write, write.  Or, you know, they'll have the option of deciding that they'd rather go and have a McDonalds instead.  Whatever floats their boat, but while we won't have fries with a side order of plotting and characterisation, we will have origami with post it notes!! How can they resist?

Go here to read about the SOOPER_DOOPER ASTONISHING WORKSHOP WHERE WE IS ALL WRITERS NOW and if you're coming to Galacticon, sign up and come and have FUN!

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